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In Person Evaluation

  • 45 minutes
  • 100 US dollars
  • Manhattan Beach, CA

Service Description

Are you unsure about your dog's behavior or training needs? The in-person evaluation is the perfect starting point to assess your dog's behavior, identify training goals, and determine the most suitable training program for your furry companion. What to Expect: During the in-person evaluation, I will spend time observing and interacting with your dog. I will carefully assess your dog's behavior, temperament, and any specific challenges or issues you may be experiencing. This evaluation allows me to gain valuable insights into your dog's personality and current training level. Following the evaluation, I will have a discussion with you to understand your training goals and expectations. Whether you want to focus on basic obedience, address behavior problems, or enhance your dog's skills, this conversation will help me tailor a training program specifically for you and your dog. Behavior Analysis: If your dog displays any problematic behaviors, I will analyze the underlying causes and discuss potential solutions. I will provide insights into why certain behaviors may be occurring and propose strategies for behavior modification or management. **if your dog is a bite risk, muzzle training is required prior to eval** Based on the assessment and discussion, I will recommend a training plan that aligns with your goals and suits your dog's individual needs. This plan may include private training sessions, group classes, board and train, or a combination of approaches. Q&A and Guidance: Throughout the evaluation, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and discuss any concerns related to your dog's behavior or training. I will provide guidance and offer expertise to help you better understand your dog's needs and set realistic expectations for the training process. Benefits of an In-Person Evaluation: Professional assessment of your dog's behavior and training needs Identification of specific training goals and objectives Tailored training plan recommendation based on your dog's individual needs Insights into behavior modification strategies, if necessary Get Started: To begin your dog's training journey on the right track, schedule an in-person evaluation today. Contact me through my website or by email ( to book your evaluation session. **I will not be actively working your dog during this session. Virtual evaluation required prior**

Contact Details

Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

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