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  • From 50 US dollars
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Service Description

Are you in need of professional care and attention for your dog while you're away? Our drop-in service offers peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend is in the hands of a trained professional. I will visit your home to check on your dog, provide care, and offer training reinforcement. What to Expect: I will visit your home at scheduled time(s) to check on your dog while you're away. These visits ensure that your dog's needs are met and that they receive the care, attention, and mental stimulation they require. Care and Supervision: During each visit, I will provide care and supervision for your dog. This may include feeding, fresh water replenishment, potty breaks, and administering any necessary medications or treatments as instructed by you. Exercise and Mental Stimulation: To keep your dog physically and mentally engaged, I will incorporate exercise and mental stimulation activities during the visit. This may involve walking, practicing obedience commands, or engaging in interactive playtime. This helps to maintain consistency and progress in their training while you're away. I will assess your dog's behavior during each visit, ensuring they are comfortable, happy, and displaying appropriate behaviors. Any concerns or changes in behavior will be communicated to you, and appropriate actions will be taken. After each visit, you will receive updates on your dog's well-being and activities. Benefits of Dog Trainer Drop-In Service: Professional care and attention for your dog while you're away Supervision, feeding, and potty breaks provided during each visit Exercise and mental stimulation activities to keep your dog engaged Reinforcement of training principles and techniques Behavior assessment and monitoring for your dog's well-being Regular communication and updates on your pet's care The comfort of being in their own home Schedule a Drop-In Visit: To ensure your dog receives the care and attention they deserve while you're away, schedule a dog trainer drop-in service. Contact us through our website or via email ( to discuss your specific needs and arrange the visits. With our professional care, you can have peace of mind knowing your furry companion is in capable hands.

Contact Details

Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

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