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Board & Train

  • 24 hours
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  • Los Angeles

Service Description

Our Board and Train program offers a comprehensive training experience that focuses on creating a well-rounded and obedient canine companion. What to Expect: Before your dog's stay, I will conduct an assessment to understand your dog's behavior, training goals, and specific challenges. Based on this assessment, I will create a customized training plan. Board and trains are only eligible to dogs who have done at least 3-4 private sessions + an assessment (or a few) with my personal dog. Our program combines the use of positive reinforcement, such as treats, praise, and rewards, with effective correction techniques, such as leash corrections or appropriate use of training tools. This balanced approach helps your dog understand desired behaviors while addressing and modifying unwanted behaviors. Your dog will receive daily training sessions focused on obedience commands, including sit, stay, down, come, and leash manners. Through consistent training and reinforcement, your dog will learn to respond reliably to commands and develop good manners both at home and in public. I will implement proven strategies to help modify your dog's behavior and promote a more balanced and relaxed state of mind. Throughout your dog's stay, you will receive regular updates. Additionally, after the program, I will provide follow-up support and guidance to ensure a successful transition back into your home and to assist you in maintaining the training results. Benefits of Board and Train Program: Customized training plan tailored to your dog's specific needs and challenges Balanced approach combining positive reinforcement and effective correction techniques Obedience training for reliable command responses and good manners Behavior modification strategies to address specific challenges Socialization and exposure to different environments Regular progress updates and follow-up support for continued success Enroll Your Dog: To enroll your dog in our Board and Train program, please contact us to discuss availability and schedule an evaluation ( I aim to create a well-behaved and balanced canine companion that brings joy and harmony to your life.

Contact Details

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

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