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About Me


Dog Trainer with australian shepard

Hello! My name is Courtney I am the owner and head trainer of The Noble Dog Trainer, LLC. I am a passionate and experienced dog trainer dedicated to helping dog owners build harmonious relationships with their furry companions. With a strong belief in balanced training methods, I combine positive reinforcement techniques with fair and effective corrections to achieve well-rounded and well-behaved dogs.

I believe in a balanced approach to dog training, which means finding the right blend of positive reinforcement and correction-based methods. I understand that every dog is unique, and tailor the training programs to suit the individual needs and personality of each dog. I firmly believe in setting clear boundaries and expectations while also reinforcing desired behaviors through rewards and praise.

At The Noble Dog Trainer, I offer a range of services designed to address your specific training goals and challenges. Whether you have a new puppy in need of basic obedience training, a reactive dog that requires behavior modification, or simply want to enhance the bond between you and your canine companion, I am here to help.


My services include private training sessions, group classes, virtual consultations, day trains and more.


What clients are saying!

Working with Courtney has been a game-changer in training our hyper-active Aussie, Leia, to become a more calmer, happier dog. Leia is such a sweet dog, but was very leash reactive whenever she was over-excited. Courtney taught us that we needed more structure during our walks, and at our home. With 2 weeks of consistent e collar training with Courtney, Leia was able to relax on “place,” and was finally walking around our neighborhood in peace. Courtney has helped strengthen our relationship with our dog, and I can see that Leia is a lot more happier and relaxed. Thank you so much Courtney for helping us!

Diana Han, Leia's owner

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